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for the examiner to gauge your level of preparation.
Using technical jargon will make your answer rich and leave an impression. Requires no prior knowledge or skill to understand. (iii) Industrialization and Urbanisation in India: (a) Evolution of modern industry in India. Interlink Your Studies Think logically and interlink your studies. Upsc examination trends of the past 5 years show that Sociological Thinkers and Social Change from Paper I and Caste System and Challenges of Social Transformation are the topics with maximum weightage. (b) Growth of urban settlements in India. Paper II: Sociology Syllabus indian society: structure AND change Introducing Indian Society: (i) Perspectives on the study of Indian society: (a) Indology (GS. (d) Secularization (v) Social Movements in Modern India: (a) Peasants and farmers movements.

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Upsc Sociology Optional Online Coaching Video Lecture Course 2022 - Study (c) Education and social change. (d) Problems of rural labour, bondage, migration. (b) Problems of religious minorities.
Stratification and Mobility: (a) Concepts- equality, inequality, hierarchy, exclusion, poverty and deprivation. Overlaps with prelims studies as well as GS-1. Social Change in Modern Society: (a) Sociological theories of social change. Paper I: Sociology Syllabus, fundamentals OF sociology, sociology The Discipline: (a) Modernity and social changes in Europe and emergence of sociology. (c) Religion in modern society: religion and science, secularization, religious revivalism, fundamentalism. Mock Tests Writing is crucial to any humanities study iq sociology optional review subject, and sociology is no different. (c) Violence against women. (c) Dimensions Social stratification of class, status groups, gender, ethnicity and race. (d) Talcolt Parsons- Social system, pattern variables.

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Study IQ Education: Online Smart Courses for all Govt Job Competitive Exams Social Movements In India by Ghanshyam Shah, contemporary India by Neera Chandhoke (for further reference). You too can do that with just 4 months of intensive studying, here is how. Sociology Optional Books for Paper-II: Indian Sociological, thought. Understand the Syllabus, the first step toward the preparation of any subject is a thorough study and understanding of the syllabus. (e) Ethnic conflicts, communalism, religious revivalism.
Writing Format Every question is different and the presentation too will vary in terms of answer writing. (c) Labour and society. (d) Fact value and objectivity. Social Background of Indian Nationalism by esai, modernization of Indian tradition by Yogenndra Singh (directly deals with the topic in the syllabus while helping with other key concepts as well). (vi) Religion and Society: (a) Religious communities in India. Plenty of material and notes available both online and offline. Paper I, it focuses on the fundamentals of the subject.

Sociology optional course from, study, iQ pen drive package. Although, studyIQ offers a complete package for upsc/CSE exams (Pre Mains I chose to buy the upsc. Optional course package of Pen driv. Study, iQ offers the best online study material for the aspirants preparing for. Sociology as their optional subject in upsc Exam.

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How to Score 300 In Sociology: The Best Optional for upsc Also Read: A Complete Guide to Score Better in Geography for upsc: upsc Exam Strategy Conclusion In short, sociology has not only proven to be the study iq sociology optional review best optional for upsc but it has also proved to be a scoring subject that continues to attract aspirants. Broadly the topics can be grouped under an analysis of Indian society with emphasis on its social structure. (c) Variables, sampling, hypothesis, reliability and validity.
(c) Protests and movements during the colonial period. Social Structure: (i) Rural and Agrarian Social Structure: (a) The idea of Indian village and village studies. (b) Political parties, pressure groups, social and political elite. Just focus on building an interest in the subject and grasping concepts rather than mugging them. As a result, understanding the subjects as well as framing the answers is not a difficult task. (b) Power elite, bureaucracy, pressure groups, and political parties. Tips and Techniques to Score Well in the Best Optional for upsc.

Switch your learning to e-learning from top faculties of India and make your education digital that too with a comfort of home. Grab this course and prepare for all the Exams related. Stratification and Mobility: (a) Concepts- equality, inequality, hierarchy, exclusion, poverty and deprivation. (b) Theories of social stratification- Structural functionalist theory, Marxist theory, Weberian theory.